How to play SudoFeud

Instruction video

  1. Players take turns, first player has to create horizontal numbers, second player has to create vertical numbers
  2. First move has to include the center square, after that only adjacent moves are allowed on one row/column with no holes, but previously laid tiles may be reused
  3. Tile placement must obey Sudoku rules (each digit may occur only once on each row/column/block)
  4. Each tile scores 1 point in each number that is created or enlarged, horizontal or vertical doesn't matter
  5. Extra points are scored on
  6. Game ends when no squares are left where any tile would fit
  7. Game also ends when both players swap tiles twice in a row

How to use the app

  1. Drag the tiles to the position you want them to be, then tap "Do it!"
  2. To move the tiles back to their dock, tap "Clear"
  3. If you want to swap tiles (or resign your game), tap "Pass"
  4. When game is over, tap "Dismiss" after you've reviewed why you lost (or won)
  5. Tap "Setup" to switch between games and start new ones
  6. On the setup page, you can set your username and also access your SudoFeud friend list

Privacy policy

  1. I won't ask you for a password or email address, so I can't give them to third parties
  2. All I ask of you is to create a username, this alias doesn't necessarily have to be unique, so it's completely up to you!
  3. I will distinguish your device from others by using a UUID which is a generally accepted way to identify devices without invading privacy
  4. If you want to play with friends you can send then your username and SudoFeud Identification Number (SIN), which serves as a one-time pairing code
  5. After your friend has entered your username and SIN in their friend list, you'll be asked to confirm your SudoFeud friendship
  6. After this confirmation, you and your friend can start games with each other anytime you like by tapping the "Play" button on the SudoFeud friends page
  7. If you want to end a SudoFeud friendship, just remove the username/SIN in your friends list.
  8. After that, you'll get one more time the question if you want to confirm the friendship.
  9. If you tap "Reject" your SudoFeud friendship will end immediately.
  10. Your former friend will not be notified (you'll just have disappeared from his/her friend list)